Kickstart a webcomics app and get original GWS art!
Posted November 10, 2014 at 10:30 pm

Hey, remember that webcomics app I mentioned awhile ago that has a Kickstarter campaign running to create an Android version?

That's still up, and I added three incentives - three hand-chosen original GWS strips from the early years! GWS #1 through #145 (I know, can you believe Candy was in the cast that early??) are all on 9x12" bristol board, so I told Bernie he could make three of them available, and I'll ship them directly from my home to those three lucky backers. I'll pick out some nice ones. :)

The price is $75, shipping to anywhere is included (woops, sorry! It's $12!), and I'll probably throw a few extra goodies in with the originals. If you'd like an original strip, act fast! Click on the Kickstarter link and look for this guy: