GWS iPhone cases are GO!
Posted September 11, 2013 at 02:58 am

Hey, have you ever wanted to flash your love of GWS on your iPhone? Yeah? Cool, we have something in common!

Rocketcases and I worked together to create this new GWS-themed case that'll fit any iPhone from the 4 up to the newest one that was announced yesterday! We're using Casestarter, a Kickstarter-esque platform to sell preorders for the cases.

We need 100 preorders in order to have them made; if we don't reach our target sales in a month, everyone will be refunded, just like in Kickstarter. So if you'd like a GWS iPhone case (which comes with a cute matching McPedro wallpaper, to complete the illusion!), order yours now!

I'm stoked to be working with Rocketcases, as I like to support clever small businesses, though I'm not sure how small they are after all their well-deserved success selling badass iPhone cases, including the one I use! They turned my phone into a cassette tape and I love it so very much.

(Apologies to those who have non-iPhone phones! We won't be able to do Android cases, as there are too many designs to reasonably produce small numbers of each!)