Cock Crafts
Posted July 29, 2019 at 10:00 pm

This strip has raised a few eyebrows over the years, understandably, so I wanna clarify something: ladies with dicks are not something that I - or Clarice, or Candy - find shameworthy, or gross for that matter.

Our pal George here, on the other hand, a model citizen who has showered at least twice in his life, is someone whose tastes skew a lot more... binary. Clarice and Candy both know this, for better or for worse, and therefore they know that the end result of their craft time would rain on his porn parade.

This still perpetuates transphobia (in our Man of The Year here, George), so it ain't a perfect strip. But I hope that clears up Clarice's intentions a little, even if she was a little more impulsive and careless than she could have been.

Anyway. Here's the old post! AND!! Here are two other things!

First of all, I'll be at GenCon this week with Randy and Jeph and a lot of other great dweebs that I love, as well as my boyfriend Luke (if you're there and you play Magic, you might end up playing against him!). I'll have GWS hardcovers and books of my figure drawing, as well as a bunch of original art. We'll all be at booth #1537, under (and with!!) our beloved Blind Ferret. Come say hi!

And if you're NOT going to be at GenCon, but you wanna buy some GWS stuff, good news for you: we're having a big 50% off sale on all of the GWS stock that TopatoCo still has!* If you've always wanted a copy of books 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, or 10, or a Strip Scrabble poster, a McPedro shirt or a GLOW IN THE DARK Ghost Kitty shirt, this is your lucky day. They're on sale until they're gone! 

Hope to see some of you in Indianapolis this week!! <3

*The shirts *should* be 50% off by Tuesday; I think there was a bit of a glitch. Give it 12 hours!!


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