Cyber Monday!
posted Nov.25.11 at 04:18 am
In honor of Cyber Monday, I've put up more original art for sale in the shop!

And of course, there's GWS Volume 6 (artist editions are still available!) and McPedro plushies, and Lauren's FREE SHIPPING sale is going on until all Monday long (EST)!

Want to look elsewhere for Cyber Monday Christmas gifts? I've got a handy list for you.

Something*Positive (check out his watercolors!)
Questionable Content (helloooo, two books)
Octopus Pie (also two books!)
Hijinks Ensue's cute winter tee shirt
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
anything by Becky and Frank
puzzles by Chris Yates, anyone?
cute stuff by Jess Fink
naughty stuff by Jess Fink
Johnny Wander
basically anything atTopatoco

I'm sure I'll have more suggestions later, but that should give you something to do for awhile. :)