Posted March 27, 2012 at 03:57 am
Hey, I nearly forgot! I'm going to be at ECCC this weekend in Seattle, at table #309 alongside my partner in grime, R. K. Milholland. It's one of my favorite shows, and it has one helluva guest list! (Which I'm not on for some reason - don't be fooled, I will be there, you've been warned.)

In preparation for this event, my guy Kevin has once again offered his coloring services, so all the strips you see this week (and a little of next week) will have been colored by Sir Kidney Stone himself.

Speaking of which, we're cooking up a really badass Kickstarter collaboration to help him cover his $5,000 bill... for the ER... to pay them for informing him that he had a kidney stone. Auugh biting tongue and not bitching about my country, doop de doo.

Anyway, big thanks to Kevin for coloring the strip totally pro-bono this week, and hope to see you Nor'westerners this weekend!

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