Black Black Friday!
Posted November 18, 2009 at 02:01 am

It's black Friday y'all! So guess what I'm doing! Not shopping, and not selling. :)

Instead I thought I'd suggest some of my local favorite artists to fulfill your Black Friday needs.
(They all have a little something to do with GWS!)

Lauren Beacham (photographer & Polaroiddess)

I highly recommend her 2010 calendar in which my kitty Smudge (aka Jamie's Fluffy) is the January pinup girl. :)

Chelsea McBee (banjo godeess)

Remember the banjo player from Maureen & Jameson's wedding? She's one of my real-life favorite musicians!

The Fox Hunt (local bluegrass)

The badass band behind Chelsea (as well as the fiddle player at the wedding) - CD is for sale under the navbar.

Emily Vaughn (the bikini artist-slash-knitter)

If you liked that hat Angel was wearing awhile ago, you might want to have a look-see.


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