Posted May 7, 2007 at 02:01 am

Hey y'all! While I'm in Berlin visiting Sonja (aka Hot German Girl) and Val (both of Ramblers fame), my friend Allan graciously offered his skills and time to manually update the guest strips for the next week and a half.
Here's the lineup:
WEDNESDAY 5/9: Michael Alonso (aka Tanukitsune),
and Otter (aka Brooke) of A Girl And Her Fed

THURSDAY 5/10: Todd Swanson of Killjoy, and Carin Mary Lee

FRIDAY 5/11: Lee Cherolis of Better You Than Me,
and Greg Cravens of The Buckets

MONDAY 5/14: Lar deSouza of Least I Could Do,
and Quinn Gillespie of Geek Blather

TUESDAY 5/15: Cayzle

WEDNESDAY 5/16: Matthew Bowers of Hilarity Ensues

THURSDAY 5/17: Xavier Jones of Tan Socks

FRIDAY 5/18: Phillip Ginn of Omnipotent Me, and Lisa Bellaire

And more over the weekend!

I received SO many incredible strips that I could barely fit them all in while I'm gone! So we're going to start Wednesday and go through to next Friday (May 9 through 18), and I know I'll have extras to share over that weekend as well.
Regular GWS updates will start back up on May 21st!

So until then, here's the guest strip line-up.
I truly wish I had time to write something sweet about each and every one of them, but it would take way too long, and you'd never be able to finish it in less than 20 minutes.

Some of these artists are just spectacular (and many can draw Hazel and Jamie waaaaaaaay better than I can!!).
And just trust me, you will find some SERIOUS gems among them if you start scrolling through their links.
So please give our guest creators the thanks they deserve by visiting their websites!!


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