Drinks 'n' books.
posted Aug.03.08 at 02:01 am

First of all, thank you for not completely killing us, drink-submittors.
The party was a blast, a success, and most importantly, I got to write off $200 worth of liquor on my taxes. God bless this job.

Although, whoever submitted the Kick in the Classic is responsible for knocking two people on their asses (aka. my bathroom floor).

Believe it or not, we have to hold at least four more of these parties before we can announce winners.
I'm gonna hold an alcoholic dessert party, an alcoholic coffee party, a meat-and-alcohol party (weird, but y'all are SWEARING by bacon vodka), and a final Slingshot party.
Plus I have to test all of the NON-alcoholic drinks for Tyler and Maureen.

So yeah, I've already gained two pounds, in case you were wondering. I'm aiming for five by the end of August.

Anyway, guess what I found in my car? A pile of ten GWS books that had spent the last few months melting into one another.
Thus, I have ten copies of GWS Volume One with crappy covers and perfectly good interiors.
I will be selling these for a measly $5 plus shipping (only domestic this time, because I can't find my records for overseas shipping costs - sorry guys!).
They will even be signed with a sketch. No joke! So here's what the best and worst books look like, left-to-right:

Basically, it just looks like the girls are either dancing in the snow, or it's nuclear wintertime. You choose.

But there are only ten! Get yer limited-edition zombified version of Girls With Slingshots Volume One today!

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