Signing this Friday, NEWW in March, ECCC in April!
posted Feb.26.09 at 02:01 am

Here's the paraphrased version!

3-Woman Book Signing at Book Woman this Friday in Austin!
New England Webcomics Weekend March 20-22 in Mass!
Should I go to Emerald City Comic Con in April?

Signing this Friday
So Monica Gallagher and I decided to throw together a last-minute signing at Book Woman this Friday from 6:30-8:30, right down the road from Austin Books & Comics, where the Staple! pre-party is being held.
The fabulous Youme Landowne will be joining us and we'll be doing a lil' talk first. Stop in if you're around Austin Books that night!
(Scroll way down for the flier!)

Webcomics Weekend!
Also, I forgot to mention that I will be at the New England Webcomics Weekend March 20-22 in Easthampton, selling books & art

Emerald City Comic Con
So, Emerald City Comic Con. Do you guys think I should go?
I've never done a west coast show before!
I'd love to make this one my first, but I need a little help with the airfare (I didn't know it costs more to go further - I guess that makes 100% sense, huh?!).

So here's the deal: if you donate $20 or more to to help get me out there (starting today), I'll put together a special print that you can pick up at the convention.
If things don't work out and I don't raise enough, I'll just ship it to you, regardless. Sound good?

If you donate, make sure you add a note to your transaction - what would you like the "I got Danielle to fly to Seattle" special print to feature?
A particular character? Jamie and Hazel in Seattle? Something totally wacky? Help me get ideas! :)

In the meantime, here's a flier with the mugs of all three of us gals. Click to enlarge. Y'know, for larger mugs.